13 Days of Decluttering…

February 7, 2017

Decluttering – Where I am and where I need to go

Progress is happening!  It is slower than I had originally thought, however it’s happening.  I’ve done a sweep or two already and filled 3 bags with clothes last week.  My drawers (other than my sock drawer) are organized and so is my closet.  I used the Marie Kondo way of folding things, so everything is accessible.  I’ve already donated a few other bags of clothes and odds and ends.  A few things have been sold through kijiji, thrown away and donated like: office supplies, binders, notebooks and ruled paper.  I’ve emptied totes in my basement and gotten rid of notes and textbooks from school (I graduated more than 10 years ago).  I’ve whittled down my tote bag/handbag collection, and now have them organized and ready to go whenever I need them.  I donated a bunch of fitness DVD’s that I had had for more than a decade, and probably hadn’t done in 9 and-a-half years.  If I want to do the workouts in the future, they are probably on YouTube anyway.

I feel that I’m making progress, and the more I get rid of, the more my anxiety decreases (with the exception of one thing that the universe ended up bringing back to me in the end anyway.  That item will now go to the correct place.  Crisis averted, my anxiety is gone.)

I have now made a list of all the other nooks and crannies that I would like to declutter in my house.  I’ve broken it down into smaller tasks to make it easier.  I didn’t just write “kitchen cabinets” on my list, I put “above the fridge” as one item, then “above the stove” as another, then “lower cabinets”, “lazy Susan”, “under the sink”.  All of these were one item each.  I then estimated how much time it will take to do each task.  I don’t know if it is less or more daunting to do things this way, but we’ll see how it goes.  It’s always nice to check something off a list. The most fearful item on the list is the task of reorganizing my filing cabinet.  When I first set it up, I didn’t know what I was doing.  Since then, I’ve worked as an administrative assistant and have learned how to file things in a way that makes sense and easier to find them in the future.  I should also scan certain things, and get rid of things that I don’t need (like 10 year old pay stubs).  I should also get rid of things that my Mum gave me a few years ago, like my report cards from elementary school.  I don’t think I really need those.

I enjoy knitting, but there is no chance I’ll use all the yarn I have.  It is going to have to go.  I like to make candles, but haven’t done it in years.  I should set a time limit to have one last hurrah with that stuff, and then it will have to go.  Books that I will never read again, or have never read in the first place will go.  Socks with holes in the toes will go.  Underwear that I don’t find comfortable will go.  I use all of the gadgets in my kitchen with the exception of one (which will go) but things like excess drinking glasses and mugs will go.

Videogames I may never play again will go.  Toys that belonged to my dog who died 3 years ago will go (even though it breaks my heart to part with them).  Scarves, mittens and hats that I never wear will go.

I’m also not looking forward to getting rid of my CD’s. The other day I started pulling some off the shelf that I should get rid of.  I will then have to go through, see if they are in good enough shape to donate, make sure the right CD is in the right case and go from there.  It looks like I can recycle the cases, so that’s a good thing.  I should probably get one of those CD binder holders and get rid of all my cases.  I still listen to CD’s (believe it or not).

So I guess that’s where I am on this.  I’ll keep plugging away at it and see where I end up.  It’s hard when you have hidden clutter, or clutter that to a blind eye appears to be organized, when in reality it’s chaos.  What will I do with all of my time when the clutter is gone?

February 8, 2017

Last night I decluttered my CDs.  I’m donating at least 60.  It’s funny because out of the CDs I did keep, the majority of them were purchased 20 years ago.  I’m so stuck in the 90’s!  Some 90’s classics did go, seeing that I listen to CDs mostly in the car, I prefer to listen to uplifting music.

My sister and I shared CDs when we were younger, and I asked her if she wanted to do a scan before I decluttered, and she said that if she hadn’t missed any of them in the past 10 or so years, she probably wouldn’t miss them now.  Good for her.  I just couldn’t let a handful of them go.  I don’t have a whole ton of them, so I don’t think it will be necessary to get a binder for them unless I decided to further declutter my shelf.

It’s tough to try to figure out what should stay and what should go when you have a bookcase that isn’t crowded.  At times, it feels like I’m just getting rid of things for the soul purpose of getting rid of things.  I have to keep reminding myself that anything that I don’t use, and will never use, and doesn’t bring me joy is just empty, blank space with stagnate energy and is not needed in my home.

I am feeling some anxiety over this; I hope that it ends soon.

February 10, 2017

Anxiety has left the building and has been replaced with a sense of excitement.

Last night I crossed a bunch of things off my list.  I was at the library and asked if I could donate a bunch of odds and ends of yarn to their knitting groups.  It turns out they would be happy to take it, so I managed to get rid of a bin of yarn and some patterns that came from my grandmother that would probably be of better use to someone else.  Yay!!

I also organized my jewellery.  I had a very 90’s jewellery box in my sock drawer that I found some kids jewellery in, so I’m donating the jewellery and I cleared off the windowsill that was storing my jewellery.  I found a tip to keep necklaces from tangling.  You just thread them through drinking straws, and ta-da, problem solved.  Now that everything is compact and put away the clear windowsill makes the room feel so much cleaner.

I also decluttered and organized a few drawers and donated some video games.  I have one of those ottomans that you can store things in packed with stuff.  I threw some things away, organized a bunch of cords and cables, and put the contents in order.  Now I can open up the duel use space and find what I need without having to dig.

I have a bookcase that I got ripped off purchasing on kijiji over a year ago.  Every time I look at it, I think “what was I thinking?  They said it was oak”, and I gave them the cash before checking to see if it was just veneer.  They also did an insufficient job of measuring it because it wasn’t the size they said it was either and it smelled like cigarettes, even though it came from a smoke free home.  The people were a bit sketchy and scary so I didn’t question anything.  Every time I look at it I think of getting ripped off, which means I should probably get rid of it, however, I have a feeling now that it may have come into my life for a reason.  It taught me that I need to be more careful when buying things on kijiji, that I need to stand up for myself.  It also made me realise that it should fit perfectly into a closet that has a bunch of things piled up it that I want to organize.  The shelves will be a good size and should hopefully fit everything, even my sewing machine, which will clear space off of my desk.

Boom!  A purpose for your misrepresented bookcase.  Joke’s on you, sketchy people.

I want to try to tackle the kitchen this weekend.  I want my boyfriend to help me, but he has a lot going on, so it might wait until next weekend, or I’ll just have to do it by myself.  I feel like once I get that out of the way, I’ll have gone over the major hump.  I thought of breaking it into stages, which I can do for some of the things, but for others, I don’t know if it will be possible.  We’ll see how it goes.

February 13, 2017

I worked in the kitchen this weekend.  I put some glasses into the empty space over the fridge so that I can see how badly I need them, and have some ready to donate on the kitchen table.  I got rid of my spice rack and put the spices into a cupboard.  I cleaned all the expired food off my Lazy Susan and wiped it all down.  I cleaned out under my sink (it looks so much better now).  There are still drawers and cupboards to go through, but I’m well over half way to where I want to be.

I’m trying to tell myself that just because I have space to put things in, it doesn’t mean I have to fill it up.  But then this other voice in my head says: “why are you just getting rid of stuff for the sake of getting rid of things.”  I think that voice has a bit of a point, but at the same time, I need to think about how stuff with stagnant energy affects my energy.  The things I have aren’t cluttered in my cupboards with the exception of one or two.  The Lazy Susan was cluttered, but I took care of that.

So, my next steps are to finish off the kitchen cabinets, and then move into closets and these end tables I have in the office.  I don’t have anxiety about what I’ve done, and when I open up cupboards I’ve made some headway on, I feel a lot better.


February 19, 2017

It’s Family Day long weekend and it’s 15 degrees… CELCIOUS outside.  This is pretty freaking warm for Hamilton (Ontario).  I’ve actually gone running today, which is pretty awesome because I only run to get in shape for soccer season.  For the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed it.  I didn’t even have headphones in.

I have cleaned out some more drawers, and inspected more cabinets.  I’ve gone through my deceased dog’s things, and kept a few things that will be used by the dog I plan to bring into the family in the next year or so.    All of my clothes are in order, and I’ve managed to fold them for two weeks now and keep them in drawers.    Pretty decent if you ask me.


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