A New Recipe…

Today I am going to try something new: A Black Bean and Butternut Squash Burrito (Vegan).  I’m going to prepare the recipe that can be found at: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/10/24/black-bean-and-butternut-squash-burritos/


I roasted the squash and cooked the rice last night to save time.  I’m debating over whether I should use the pepper and garlic that I roasted the other night with the intention of making hummus the other night or if I should use the fresh stuff.  For the purpose of this blog, I should probably use the actual ingredients so that I can be more accurate in my assessment of the whole thing.  I’ve been looking forward to this for days.  Let’s see how it goes…


Ok, I made the burrito up and didn’t take any pictures, because of course, the ones from the website are way better than I could ever take, plus, my attempt was a lot messier, and, well, I could keep making excuses, but the end result is the same.  No photographs.


Everything cooked up very well, and I was impressed on how easily the cheese melted.  I’ve never cooked with vegan cheese before, and this was a very positive experience.  I dressed my burritos (I used smaller tortilla shells, so I made two mini-burritos), with avocado, cilantro and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.


Oh, my goodness, it was amazing.  One of the best burritos I’ve ever had in my life.  I will add this to my regular repertoire for sure.  I’m glad I cooked the squash and rice beforehand.  It would have taken forever if I had done it all while starving after work, also it meant that I cooked it at off peak time (yep, I’m a cheap electricity clock watcher).


This was filling and delicious.  One of my mini-burritos was probably on par with a regular taco with Weight Watchers, so this, to me is a treat because, of course I’m going to eat two and that eats up almost half of my points for the day.  It’s worth it in my mind, because they are so delicious, but it’s something to be conscious of.


If I had known that vegan food tastes this good, I probably would have given up meat a long time ago!!


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