Green Day Concert

I went to the Green Day concert at the FirstOntario Centre on Monday night.

I’ve been a huge Green Day fan for more than 20 years, and I’ve only missed one of their concerts when they were playing in my area in the past 17 years.  This means I’ve seen them many times.  The best one I can remember was in 2000 at the Warehouse in Toronto.  Tickets were $15, and  those were the days of actually having to go to Ticket Master to purchase tickets.  We all handed our money up to the front of the line so the people could ask for the maximum tickets without being considered a scalper, so more people in the line received tickets than they normally would have.

I was so close to the stage, it was a tiny venue, and a band from London, Ontario called The Weekend opened for them.  They were amazing, I still have their CD’s and my friend and I were inspired to be rock stars after that night.  I bought a hoodie, (which I think was $40, they were cheaper back then), which I still have.  Back then they only came in extra-large, so my body swims in it and look rather frumpy when I wear it.  It’s warm and good quality and awesome.  It says “Green Day” with “Benchwarmer” underneath.

The show on Monday was very good, one of the best I’ve seen.  They played 2000 Light Years Away from their Kerplunk album.  I was there with my cousin who’s an even bigger fan than I am, and we went nuts.  I only stepped on the toe of the man beside us once, pretty impressive if you ask me.  They played a good mix of songs, lots of Dookie, two (I think) from Nimrod, two from Warning, a bit of American Idiot, some 21st Century Breakdown, and some from the new album.  I would have loved to hear something off of Insomniac, or maybe one off of the Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy.  Still, a great show.  They left my favourite song off of the new album (Ordinary World) for last.

The weird thing about the whole experience is that I just didn’t feel it the way I used to.  I don’t know what it is.  I used to get off on live music, and here I was, at the concert of my favourite band of all time, just not feeling it.  I said to myself, “get into it, let go, go nuts when you’re somewhat excited.  Fake it ‘till you make it,” but still, it makes me concerned about my whole mental state.  I was with the most excited person of all time who was laughing, and dancing and shedding tears of joy because she was so ecstatic for the concert.  (It’s not like the time I saw them at Warped Tour with my sister who wasn’t into it and literally stood with her arms crossed looking bored and angry.  Can I say “buzz kill”?)

What is it that’s numbing even my favourite band from thrilling me?  I already decided to pass on seeing them this summer when they play in Toronto.  What’s stopping adrenaline from pumping through my veins?  Is this all part of the ick I’ve been feeling for so long?  I feel numb.


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