Jumping Back In

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and took a bit of a vacation from the big de-clutter.  I was on vacation for a week, and I other stuff on the go once I was home.  I’m trying to eat as plant-based as possible, so I was going out to buy ingredients every night to stock the kitchen for recipes I want to try.  I was also out for most of last weekend.

This weekend won’t be overly busy, so I’m ready to hit the ground running.  On Saturday, the bookcase that I put on kijiji will be going out the door.  I receive a nibble on it more than a month ago when I first posted it, but that didn’t fly.  Then I decided to put it up for grabs at work, and it will be picked up at 11 on Saturday.  SWEET!!

I feel like the bookcase doesn’t really fit in, and I feel ashamed with myself for how I acquired it.  When I bought it, I went to pick it up with my boyfriend on a rainy night.  It was in the seller’s garage with poor lighting when we got there, and I was pretty excited because this was my first time buying something off of kijiji and I was in the mindset that “this would bring my home together, and by doing that I will be happy”…  (That’s another story).  I was friendly to the woman selling it, and she had a few big guys around to help put the thing in the car.  It was advertised as oak and I had plans to refinish it with a stain to my liking.  I was so excited that I didn’t realize it was veneer, not solid oak.  I had already given the woman the money when my boyfriend pointed this out.  It was also not the size that was advertised, but I didn’t notice this until I got it home.

I had instant buyer’s remorse when we got in the car to go home.  I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing.  I found out that my Uncle knew the people after this all happened and they were pretty bad people, and my Dad told me that I did the right thing by not messing with them.  What I should have done is slow down and not have bought it in the first place.  Now when I look it, I just see me making a mistake.  It doesn’t bring me joy at all.  I was going to put it in a closet for extra shelving, but then realized it didn’t fit in the closet.  There is a lesson attached to this, but I don’t feel like I need to be reminded every time I look at the bookcase.

So now it will bring happiness to someone else.  Yay!!  In 24 hours, I will be bookcase free.

I want to clean out the fridge this weekend.  I should make sure that nothing is expired, and wipe it down.  I should also reorganize my freezer. I have a few more kitchen cupboards that should be reorganized, but I doubt I’ll need to get rid of many things.  I use most of the things I have in the kitchen (with the exception of the Yonanas).  After that I should tackle something else, maybe my desk, or a closet.  I’m almost through the process, what will I do with my time when I finish?  Who knows, I might start over and get rid of more things.  It’s amazing how much bigger and freer a room feels with less furniture.  I feel that if I have things that I don’t use, which someone else would use, I’m best off to donate them.

I’m reading a book called The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize and Simplify by Francine Jay.  I’m not super far into it, but she breaks it down in a way that I haven’t seen in other books using a Streamline method.  I am only on the first “E” right now.

The book focuses on sustainability along with the benefits of minimizing your life.  She recommends buying local and buying things used.  I like that she mentions this.  Buying local saves the world from transporting your food long distances, and other items from traveling from overseas.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  So far I like this book!


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